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Surroundings of Milan

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Quad in Milan and its surroundings

Sit on your quads, you will cross the paths at full speed for superb memories to tell. There is so much to see around Milan that it would be a shame not to take this motorized ride: you can choose between a ride through the wooded park of Ticino or along Lake Maggiore. You will be provided with complete equipment to make the most of this experience, as well as a pre-departure briefing with all the basic information.


Short route

Each on your Quad, or in 2 with the possibility of passing the wheel, enjoy your journey in Quad during this brief journey in the woods. A refreshment is provided during the tour, in the middle of the countryside.

Duration: 1h30 including 1h of quad driving


  • € 50.00 per person (2 people per Quad)
  • € 70.00 per person (1 person per Quad)

Minimum 2 people – Maximum 8 people


Long route

Cross the woods on this long course, each on your quad and enjoy a refreshment in the heart of nature on the course.

Duration: 3 hours including 2 hours of quad driving


  • € 70.00 per person (2 people per Quad)
  • € 100.00 per person (1 person per quad)

Minimum 2 people – Maximum 8 people


Important information:

– The activity takes place on the outskirts of the city. If you don’t have a vehicle, we recommend that you also book a transfer.

– Possess a valid driver’s license

– Complete equipment included

– Prices valid for a maximum of 9 quads with 2 people on board. For larger groups or during the week + € 10.00 / short quad excursion and + € 15.00 € / long quad excursion



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