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Private and group food tours in Rome

The food excursions will take you to the popular renovated and gastronomic areas of Trastevere and Testaccio. Far from the tourist crowds and in places cherished by the locals, you will be able to meet the enthusiasts hidden behind Italian gastronomy. With more than 10 delicious tastings and many cultural and historical stops, you can discover the real Rome with a local guide who will introduce you to various gastronomic specialties such as pizza, ice cream, pasta, wine, cold cuts…

Customized food tours :
  • Tasting of different kinds of mozzarella with homemade focaccia and a glass of wine.
  • A slice of pizza from an ancient wood-fired oven.
  • “Alla Giudia” (Jewish) artichokes
  • Roman pecorino and Parmesan in a small typical shop
  • The suppli, a traditional tomato and mozzarella fried rice ball with mozzarella, a Roman specialty
  • Traditional cold cuts such as ham, salami or dried meats
  • One of the best tiramisù in Rome
  • Espresso coffee at the counter of the bar mentioned by the New York Times (and where the Nespresso coffee concept is claimed to have been invented !)

The excursion will start in Largo Argentina with a local guide speaking the language of their choice and who will lead them through the alleys and introduce them to the secrets of Roman gastronomy. Between tastings, the participants will get an overview of the history, the culture and the architecture of the Eternal City.

Time schedule : on demand

Duration : about 3 hours

Price :

Starting at € 65,00 (price according to the number of participants)


The excursion can be varied following the client’s taste and it is possible to add more gastronomic stopovers or a class on coffee at the end  (with an additional fee).

Other group itineraries are also possible with customized prices for individuals, families and couples.


Testaccio Food Tour

Time schedules : 9h45, 10h30, 11h15 and 12h00

Duration : 4h

Prices :

Adultes € 84,00 / Adolescent (13-17 ans) € 72,00 / Enfant  (moins de 13 ans) : € 50,00

Minimum 2 personnes / Maximum 12 personnes


Trastevere Food Tour


Time schedules : 10h45 and 11h30

Duration : 4 h

Prices :

Adults : € 84,00 / Teenagers (13-17 yeats old) : € 72,00 / Childrens  (- 13 years old) : € 50,00

Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 10 persons


Trastevere Food & Wine Tour


Time schedules : 16h15, 17h00, 17h45 and 18h30

Duration : 4h

Prices :

Adults : € 94,00 / Teenagers (13-17 yeats old) : € 75,00 / Childrens  (- 13 years old) : € 59,00

Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 10 persons

Additional information :

– A local guide conducts each excursion.

– It is possible to have a photo/video service during the activity (with an additional cost).

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